Joe Is The “Eat The Wealthy” Killer In You Season 4 – Principle Defined

Joe Is The "Eat The Wealthy" Killer In You Season 4 - Principle Defined
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Warning! This text incorporates SPOILERS for You season 4 half 1, and probably You season 4 half 2!

As an underwhelming follow-up to You’s season 3 finale, the Netflix present’s fourth season brings its stalker/serial killer, Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg, to the guts of the London elite and a homicide thriller. However as an alternative of Joe being the wrongdoer, he’s apparently taken on a protecting function in the direction of gallerist and responsible wealthy Kate Galvin (Charlotte Ritchie) who he believes would be the subsequent sufferer. With the wealthy dropping like flies, Joe races to uncover the Eat the Wealthy killer’s id earlier than he kills anybody else and pins it on Joe.


In You season 4, episode 5, Rhys Montrose (Ed Speelers), an aspiring mayoral candidate and a part of London’s wealthy clique, lastly reveals himself to Joe because the Eat the Wealthy killer. As teased in You season 4 part 2’s trailer, Rhys needs a pal who shares his morbid curiosity in homicide and believes to have discovered that in Joe. Nevertheless, You season 4 half 1 doesn’t appear because it seems as many particulars don’t add up. So naturally, suspicious audiences throughout the web have crazily put forth a concept.

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You Principle: Rhys’ Eat The Wealthy Killer Persona Is Curated By Joe’s Creativeness

Though Rhys Montrose is an actual particular person in You season 4, he isn’t the killer that Joe and his specific admission makes him as much as be. Gaining traction on a number of completely different dialogue boards, this You season 4 concept mainly factors out that Rhys’ Eat the Rich killer persona is a mere product of Joe’s creativeness. Seeing as Joe has a historical past of conjuring up issues that don’t exist, Netflix’s resident stalker projecting his perverse penchant for violence onto one other particular person (one which’s hallucinatory for that matter) isn’t that far-fetched. Plus, there’s proof to help this concept.

For starters, all of Joe and Rhys’ interactions in You season 4, half 1 has not been participated by any member of the London group. And if they’re inside the neighborhood by likelihood, nobody ever acknowledges Rhys’ presence. Even in the course of the eating scene in You season 4, episode 2, Joe responds “I’m tremendous” to Rhys’ remark of him being sick, however by some means, everybody else seems to have solely heard Joe mumble. Furthermore, Rhys is an outlier of the Sundry Home folks. Regardless of being insanely wealthy like the remainder of them, Rhys shares an identical abusive background as You‘s Joe Goldberg; which might be the rationale why Joe identifies with Rhys.

One other factor to think about is that Joe’s complete data of Rhys comes from his personal autobiography given to him by his scholar Nadia, performed by Amy-Leigh Hickman. So there’s that sense of intimacy Joe in all probability feels with Rhys, versus the others who Joe solely ever is aware of about from digging by their socials. Moreover, Joe’s stalker who texts him utilizing an app that makes messages disappear after studying them can also be a tell-tale signal that Rhys’ murderous aspect is all in Joe’s head.

Why Joe Goldberg Is Nonetheless You’s Dangerous Man

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in his kitchen

On the finish ofYou season 3, Joe is visibly shaken at his newfound self-awareness confirming that he isn’t a great particular person. Along with his guilt at being the instrument to different folks’s grotesque deaths rising to the forefront of his consciousness, Joe is decided to show a brand new leaf and turn out to be a greater particular person in You season 4. Nevertheless, Joe wanting to alter doesn’t mechanically imply that the unhinged a part of his mind switches off on command.

Associated: You Season 4 Confirms It’s Time For The Show To EndNetflix’s You hasn’t outright recognized Joe Goldberg with any dysfunction or psychological sickness, but it surely’s fairly apparent that he isn’t of sound psychological capability. Audiences even counsel that Joe has two personalities in a single physique – one who obsesses over ladies and likes violence, and the opposite who simply needs to be regular – one thing that Beck’s therapist mentions Dr. Nicky again in You season 1. In some situations in You season 2 and three, Joe’s inside monologue-ing will get so dangerous that he hallucinates there being two of him arguing about his very nature.

You season 4 is suspiciously doing the identical factor, solely this time, Joe is utilizing a curated model of Rhys as a disassociated ingredient absolving him of his guilt. Furthermore, You’s entire premise is Joe being the villain. So it doesn’t actually make sense for Netflix’s You to alter that, particularly contemplating that the murders have all been a tad too handy for his place.

You Season 4 Altering Its Villain Doesn’t Make Sense


There being a second coming of Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn through Rhys Montrose’s character is terribly redundant for You, a present that tries to outdo itself each season. After all, contemplating that Rhys, because the Eat the Wealthy killer, doesn’t have the motive to kill Malcolm, Simon and even Gemma, he was additionally nowhere close to any of these murders. However coincidentally, Joe Goldberg was, regardless of claiming that he remembers nothing. Conveniently blacked out each time somebody dies, it’s probably that Joe’s Rhys projection commits the You season 4 part 1 murders in the course of the instances he claims he passes out.

In You season 4, episode 1, Joe was drunk and excessive when Malcolm was murdered in his condo. In You season 4, episode 2, Joe fell asleep on a bench exterior the gallery the place Simon was murdered. And in You season 4, episode 4, Roald pushed Joe out of a excessive window (clearly, passing out) earlier than Gemma was discovered useless in Kate’s room. Given the details, You season 4 could also be throwing audiences off with its Rhys character however nonetheless staying true to its core narrative of Joe being its villain as a result of something in any other case doesn’t actually add up.

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Why It is Greatest That Joe Is Nonetheless The Fundamental Villain In You


Netflix’s You shouldn’t stray away from its fundamental idea of Joe Goldberg being the dangerous man. After all the pieces he has executed, the very last thing that You’s showrunners ought to be doing is giving Joe a hand out of a redemption arc (by thwarting one other killer) which he clearly doesn’t deserve. As a stalker/serial killer, Joe repenting for his felonies and dwelling out his guilt is the least he may do with out being caught and punished by the legislation. Furthermore, You’s attraction stems from a fascination with Joe’s twisted rationality of his iniquities.

Netflix’s calculated two-part launch of You season 4 raises some eyebrows because it teases underlying plot gadgets. Nevertheless, as You has but to substantiate Joe Goldberg’s transformation from a hunter to a protector, the upcoming You season 4 part 2 leaves a lot to be uncovered. And holding in thoughts Nadia’s description of “whodunit” novels, You as a homicide thriller isn’t exempt from there being no coincidences.

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