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5 effective fat burning exercises you can do at home


Home workouts have become are the new normal. While most of us have got gym equipments home and working out with the help of these equipments. You don’t really need to burn a hole in your pocket by investing in those expensive treadmill and weightlifting machines. Doctor and fitness enthusiast Hanaan Choudhary shares his 30 minute HIIT (High-intensity interval training) cardio workout session without the help of any gym equipment. All you need is a yoga mat and some space in your home to perform these exercises that will help you stay in shape. This workout is designed to focus more towards lower body and core as its most ignored while being at home.

1. Kneedown pushups

How to do it: Get in a position of a regular pushup and perform the pushup. Once you’re back to the starting position kick your knee towards your core and squeeze the core or abs.

Benefit: Works on your chest, back and triceps. The knee up movement with help u develop the core muscles.

2. Star jumps


Star jumps are a type of pylometric exercise which are used to increase the strength and endurance in your body.

How to do it: Squat down low, place your hands on your feet. And then you explode up like a star. While doing it, keep your head up and back straight.

Benefit: Star jumps work on your hamstring, glutes, shoulders and quads. It helps in fat burning and enhances neuromuscular coordination. It is a great way to build your lower body.

3. Jumping lunges


How to do it: Put your left or right leg back, keep it on your toes. Make sure your body is straight. And then you dip down and bring the feet together. Repeat it with the other leg.

Benefit: This not only helps in building your glutes but is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise. This exercise also targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexor and calves.

4. Single leg hip thrust


How to do it: Start with the back, keep your hands down by your sides to maintain the balance. The next step is to raise one leg and keep it raised, throughout the entire set of reps that you do on the alternate leg. You also need to raise your hips while performing this.

Benefit: This helps in getting you a toned hip. It also targets your hamstring and abs.

5. Cross lunge combo


How to do it: Take a big step forward across your body and lower yourself into a lunge as low as the floor. Repeat it from the other side. To make it a little harder add a reverse lunge.

Benefit: Works on your glutes and hamstring.

Note: You can rest for not more than a minute once your are done with 5 exercises. One set will last for ten minutes that makes it a thirty-minute workout.

Diet plan to stay in shape

Breakfast should be calorie-dense. For breakfast eggs or tofu are the best source of protein as they’re fast-absorbing. But don’t consume more than 2 to 3 whole eggs in a day. Both can be taken with 2 to 3 slices for brown bread.

For lunch have 150gm of grilled chicken/ grilled paneer with 200gm of rice or 2 to 3 chappatis.

For mid-day snack have 30 to 40 gm of oats with 10 to 15gm of peanut butter.

For dinner have 150gm of grilled fish or chicken or 200gm of soya or black chickpeas with 200gm rice or 2 to 3 chappatis.

Also have loads of salad before and in between your lunch or dinner. This is a good source of fiber essential for your body.

You can also have 200gms of yoghurt anytime during the day.

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