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Catch author Revathi Suresh at IIHS’ Public Texts session on October 6

Revathi Suresh will be in conversation with author Shalini Srinivasan on October 6 to talk about Revathi’s new book as part of IIHS’ Public Texts series

As part of the Public Texts series by Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), Shalini Srinivasan (author of Vanamala, the Cephalopod) will be in conversation with Revathi Suresh about her new book, In Now & Then, on October 6.

The book, a sequel to Jobless Clueless Reckless (2013), catches up with the characters, including the no-longer-a-teen protagonist Kavya; her younger brother, Dhrittiman aka Ditto; Amma and Appa; Mads and Mark, her aunt and uncle; Kiran, the blue-eyed boy Kavya has a crush on, and Lara, Kavya’s friend.

While Revathi says she finished writing the new book in 2018, there was no plan to always have a sequel. “When the first book got over, I pretty much thought I had finished the story. But then there were people who said, ‘Oh, it looks like there can be a sequel’. While I hesitated initially and thought where would that story go anyway, as the years passed, I could see that there was potential for a sequel for many reasons,” she says.

The new book deals with various subjects such as polyamory, gender identity and mental health. On whether her approach is to ensure that certain themes or subjects find a place in her writing, especially with regard to young people, Revathi says, “No, I don’t write that way. Itdoesn’t work for me to say at the starting point that I’m going to put all of these things in. The things that were happening in my mind were to do with the way that I could see young people living their lives or what they seemed to be going through. I am not saying as a collective, they are all going through this but just coming across something, such as in the news. It is no one I know and everyone I know.”

As for who the book is aimed at: young adults or older people, she says, “I don’t see it being pigeon-holed one way or the other. That the protagonist happens to be a certain age is one thing, but the fact is there are others around her who are not her age and are very much a part of her life. So, I think anyone of any age, any gender can read and enjoy it.”

The session will begin online at 6.30 pm. Register at


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