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Coronavirus live news: cases rising in 37 US states as Brazil infections near 1.5m


As the case numbers are now up in the last two weeks, I sought some explanations. I wanted to know what had gone wrong.

On Tuesday, I received a briefing of a genomic sequencing report that seemed to suggest that there seems to be a single source of infection for many of the cases that have gone across the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne.

It appears to be even potentially a super spreader that has caused this upsurge in cases.

We don’t have the full picture yet and as Brett [Sutton] explains the other day, not all of these cases have yet been subject to genomic sequencing.

We need to enable that process to be completed and to be provided to the judicial inquiry in the fullness of time. But I was concerned about this and I know the premiere was concerned and it takes a great deal of clinical courage to admit that there are problems, that have been mistakes made and to actually call for a judicial inquiry.

No other state, as I understand it, has been doing genomic sequencing of its cases.



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