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Covid-19 healthcare worker death toll: 735 deaths under investigation

Below are the 128 names of those whose deaths we have independently verified and covered in this series so far. You can read more about the project here. If you have a family member, friend or colleague who should be included, please contact us. We update this list regularly.

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Michelle Abernathy, 52, Illinois, residential services supervisor

John Abruzzo, 62, New York, registered nurse

Debbie Accad, 72, Michigan, clinical nursing coordinator

Romeo Agtarap, 63 , New York, emergency room nurse

Felicia Ailende, 67, Illinois, registered nurse

Jerry Alford, 60, Alabama, OR nurse


Marsha Bantle, 65, Indiana, registered nurse

Alex Bass, 52, New York, physician assistant

Don Ryan Batayola, 40, New Jersey, occupational therapist

Jeff Baumbach, 57, California, nurse

Barbara Bedonie, 56, New Mexico, certified medication aide

Gianmarco Bertolotti, 42, New York, mason

Barbara Birchenough, 65, New Jersey, nurse

Billy Birmingham Sr, 69, Missouri, emergency medical technician

Dorothy Boles, 65, Mississippi, licensed practical nurse

Linda Bonaventura, 45, Indiana, licensed practical nurse

Sean Boynes, 46, Maryland, pharmacist

Brittany Bruner-Ringo, 32, California, licensed vocational nurse

Joshua Bush, 30, South Carolina, licensed practical nurse


Patrick Cain, 52, Michigan, nurse

Luis Caldera-Nieves, 63, Florida, obstetrician-gynecologist

John Careccia, 74, New Jersey, emergency medical technician and rescue squad chief

Karen Carmello, 57, New York, licensed practical nurse

Monica Echeverri Casarez, 49, Michigan, surgical technician

Sheila Faye Christian, 66, Pennsylvania, registered nurse

Susan Cicala, 60, New Jersey, nurse

Roy Chester Coleman, 64, Louisiana, emergency medical technician


Jennifer Anderson-Davis, 44, Missouri, licensed practical nurse

Bruce Edward Davis, 57, Georgia, forensic service technician

Christopher Dean, 37, New York, licensed practical nurse

Leo Dela Cruz, 57, New Jersey, geriatric psychiatrist

Cassondra Grant Diaz, 31, Connecticut, nursing home bookkeeper

Karla Dominguez, 33, Texas, registered nurse

Daisy Doronila, 60, New Jersey, nurse

Maurice Dotson, 51, Texas, certified nursing assistant


Jeremy Emerich, 40, Pennsylvania, emergency medical technician

Lisa Ewald, 53, Michigan, registered nurse


David Ferranti, 60, Massachusetts, hospital equipment coordinator

Mike Field, 59, New York, volunteer emergency medical technician

Barbara Finch, 63, Virginia, licensed practical nurse

Nina Forbes, 56, Virginia, licensed practical nurse

Devin Francis, 44, Florida, radiology technologist

Arthur Friedman, 62, New York, physician

Clair Fuqua, 28, Louisiana, receptionist


Dulce Garcia, 29, North Carolina, clinical interpreter

Frank Gabrin, 60, New York, emergency room physician

Helen Gbodi, 54, Washington DC, registered nurse

Scott Geiger, 47, New Jersey, emergency medical technician

Denny Gilliam, 53, New York, travel nurse

Michael Giuliano, 64, New Jersey, family practice physician

James Goodrich, 73, New York, pediatric neurosurgeon

Leola Grady, 59, Illinois, recreation staff

Kevin Graiani, 56, New York, family nurse practitioner

Ali Dennis Guillermo, 44, New York, registered nurse

Krist Angielen Castro Guzman, 35, Illinois, licensed practical nurse


Rose Harrison, 60, Alabama, nurse

Douglas Hickok, 57, Pennsylvania, physician assistant and national guardsman

Marilyn Howard, 53, New York, school nurse

James House, 40, Michigan, registered nurse

Alex Hsu, 67, Florida, physician

Pamela Hughes, 50, Kentucky, nursing assistant and medication aide

Marion ‘Curtis’ Hunt, 57, Connecticut, social worker


Araceli Buendia Ilagan, 63, Florida, intensive care unit nurse

Gabrail Ismayl, 62, Illinois, patient transport worker


Aleyamma John, 65, New York, registered nurse


Priya Khanna, 43, New Jersey, nephrologist


Kevin Leiva, 24, New Jersey, emergency medical technician

Theresa Lococo, 68, New York, pediatric nurse

Maria E Lopez, 63, Illinois, registered nurse

Felicisimo ‘Tom’ Luna, 62, New Jersey, emergency room nurse


Nancy MacDonald, 74, Rhode Island, receptionist

James Mahoney, 62, New York, pulmonologist

Michael Marceaux, 49, Louisiana, registered nurse

Celia Lardizabal Marcos, 61, California, telemetry charge nurse

David Martin, 52, Mississippi, New York, paramedic

Juan Martinez, 60, Illinois, surgical technician

Kelly Mazzarella, 43, New York, clinical nurse manager 

Hazel Mijares, 66, New York, licensed practical nurse

Sheena Miles, 60, Mississippi, registered nurse

Anjanette Miller, 48, Illinois, registered nurse

Francis ‘Frankie’ Molinari, 70, New Jersey, internal medicine physician

Edwin Montanano, 73, New Jersey, registered nurse

Adiel Montgomery, 39, New York, security guard

Matthew ‘Matty’ Moore, 52, New York, radiologic technologist



Paul Odighizuwa, 61, Oregon, food services coordinator

Sandra Oldfield, 53, California, telemetry nurse


Alfredo Pabatao, 68, New Jersey, orderly

Susana Pabatao, 64, New Jersey, assistant nurse

Marybeth Papetti, 65, New Jersey, director of nursing

Tomas Pattugalan, 70, New York, internal medicine physician

David Joel Perea, 35, Nevada, traveling registered nurse

Steven Perez, 68, Virginia, internal medicine physician

Jana Prince, 43, Louisiana, case manager



Tina Reeves, 58, Ohio, licensed practical nurse

Neftali ‘Neff’ Rios, 37, Tennessee, registered nurse


Darrin Santos, 50, New York, transportation supervisor

John Schoffstall, 41, Indiana, paramedic and firefighter

Gary Sclar, 66, New York, neurologist

Rosemary Sell, 80, New York, nurse practitioner

Alvin Simmons, 54, New York, environmental service assistant

Antonia Sisemore, 72, California, certified nursing assistant

Kim King-Smith, 53, New Jersey, electrocardiogram technician

Thomas Soto, 59, New York, radiology clerk

Joan Swann, 70, Rhode Island, intensive care unit secretary


Rose Taldon, 63, Massachusetts, registered nurse

Adlin Thompson, 56 New York, certified nursing assistant and endoscopy technician

Vianna Thompson, 52, Nevada, nurse

Saif Titi, 72, New Jersey, pharmacist

Israel Tolentino Jr, 33, New Jersey, firefighter and emergency medical technician

Louis Torres, 47, New York, food service director



J Ronald Verrier, 59, New York, surgeon

Jesus Villaluz, 75, New Jersey, patient transport worker

Ritchie Villena, 44, New York, physical therapy

Valeria Viveros, 20, California, nursing assistant


Barry Webber, 67, New York, general surgeon

Gerald Welch, 56, Pennsylvania, social worker

Shenetta White-Ballard, 44, Louisiana, licensed practical nurse

Capt Franklin Williams, 57, Michigan, firefighter and medical first responder

David Wolin, 74, New York, radiologist



Celia Yap-Banago, 69, Missouri, registered nurse

Ali Yasin, 67, New York, pharmacist


Jesus Manuel Zambrano, 54, New York, pediatrician

Robert Zerman, 49, Pennsylvania, firefighter


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