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Lipstick under my mask: Creative ways to wear makeup during the pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has been a trying time for all sectors of the world. And considering we have not witnessed something of such epic proportions, we were a little unprepared for the effects that the pandemic would have, not just on health but on general lifestyle as well. As wearing masks has become mandatory in order to keep the virus at bay, the pandemic has caused a major downfall for the cosmetics industry, especially lipsticks as the mouth remains completely covered and obscured by the mask.

Due to the usage of masks on the rise, more and more people have taken to expressing themselves through bold and dramatic eye makeup. Sales of mascara, eyeliner and shadows has been on the rise for the past few months now. However, lipsticks are not going down without as fight as people are already coming up with creative solutions in order for lipsticks and masks to coexist.

“Lipstick has seen many wars and histories, yet survived. It keeps on evolving itself to suit the needs of the current times. It will be worn, be it a Zoom call, office online meetings or virtual dates. Brands will introduce new formulas in the market which will help a mask and a lipstick to coexist happily,” a spokesperson for Nykka told PTI.

From transparent face masks to matte lipsticks that wont smudge on the mask, new ideas are being discussed in the market. Avleen, head of makeup training from Make-Up Studio, India said to PTI that lipstick trends will go on with slight changes in texture and colour selection and that women would opt more for nude coloured lipsticks and matte liquids. Matte lipsticks are dry and won’t stick to the mask, whereas glossy lipsticks will make a mess.

In another bizarre internet trend, people have taken to wearing lipsticks with facemasks through the #tinyfacemakeupchallenge. This involves painting the bottom of your nose as a mouth and making a tiny nose on the bridge of the nose. This amusingly cute trend has caught the attention of social media influencers and some brands as well.

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