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Men’s style and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: Grooming and style essentials for the monsoon

  • Hair: About three inches all around, made wet with water and allowed to take its own natural shape and form. Long and wide sideburns that slice into the jawline.
  • Skin: We used the Rose Petal and Almond face scrub by Homemade by Nina to make the skin look clean and buffed.
  • Face:Clean shaved.
  • Brows: Left natural.
  • Body: Hair trimmed on the chest and hands and left to look real.
  • Others: Black and white waterproof sports shorts.

Five monsoon grooming rules you should follow:

1.Go clean

Long facial and body hair can be a challenge to keep dry. Keeping your hair moist or wet can result in an ugly and itchy skin or scalp rash.

What to do: Trim the beard or better still, go clean shaved. Keep the hair on the body as short as possible.

2.Keep it dry

Watch the fold areas, more specifically the underarms, between the legs and the space between your fingers and toes. Ensure sweat or moisture does not accumulate in these areas.

What to do: Wipe well after a shower and before you get dressed. Trim or remove excessive hair and use a talcum powder to soak up the excess. Wear only cotton innerwear, which must be changed daily.

3.Smell good

There’s nothing worse than smelling stale or emitting a foul odour.

What to do: Wipe as often as possible, change wet clothes immediately and use a deodorant roll on and deodorant spray at least once, if not twice a day.

4.Prevent frizzy hair

Humidity can be a problem, making your hair curl or frizz. If you have fine or thin hair, humidity might make your hair feel weighed down as moisture is retained. If your hair is damaged, it’s very porous, which will cause it to retain even more moisture in humid weather.

What to do: Use an anti – frizz hair serum before you style and set your hair. This is especially useful if your hair is over half an inch long. Alternatively, use a deep conditioner every time you shampoo your hair to make it not just soft, but a lot more manageable.

5.Deep Cleaning

When its humid, it feels as though your skin has an extra layer of grime. Increased humidity levels leads to oily skin, and this warm, damp surface is the perfect host for bacteria, resulting in both acne and unwanted skin break outs.

What to do: To combat breakouts, cleanse your face regularly. You should use a face wash daily, natural face mask once a week and a toner at least twice weekly.

Monsoon must-haves

Grooming products

1.Seaweed &cucumber lotion face masque from Homemade By Nina

This mask feels cool and leaves your skin feeling both smooth and hydrated. The total application time is about 12 minutes (may vary based on your skin type) and is easy (and non – messy) to remove and wash off.

Contains: Cucumber seed and Avocado oil & Dead sea and Kaolin clay.

Product rating: 5/5


2.Active charcoal anti – pollution face wash by Kaya

Use this mask when you get home after exposure to the elements. Remember a face wash is a substitute for a conventional soap and helps both in surface and deep pore cleaning.

Contains: Bamboo charcoal

Product rating: 3/5

Grooming gadgets


1.Titanium foil shaver by Adnis

Tokeep my facial hair in check, I use an incredible shaver by Adnis. Thistitanium hypo-allergic foil shaver gives you an irritation-free shaving experience and is perfect to create a fade effect or remove the signs of a stubble. My pick for a clean and smooth shaving experience.

Product USP: Has both a cord and cordless operation. Runs for 80 minutes nonstop run-time on a single charge

Why you should buy it: Has a soft grip for a secure & comfortable feel and the end results are amazing.

Product Rating: 5/5


2.Supersonic Hair Dryer by Dyson

This sleekhair dryer has an intelligent heat control system to maintain optimum temperature, which helps prevent extreme heat damage and loss of moisture when you use it. This dryer is my recommendation if you like your hair feeling moisture rich and looking both glossy &shiny.

Product USP: Fast drying, no extreme heat and is long lasting.

Why you should buy it: This dryer has been engineered for different hair typesas well as hair lengths and is the perfect solution for drying your hair and scalp, when you get caught in a downpour or just want to style and set your hair daily or for that very special occasion.

Product Rating: 5/5



Linen shirt by Uniqlo

1.Wear natural fabrics: The fabrics you wear should be light, airy and ventilated. Your best bet would be either linen or cotton.I loved the look and feel of the new range of lightweight linen shirts and tops from UNIQLO.

Natural fibres are lightweight, flowy, comfortable, breathable and absorb moisture rather than repelling it.You can incorporate these in your wardrobe: shirts – such as button-downs, camp collar shirts, polos and t-shirts, Lowers like chinos, shortsor drawstring trousers and last but certainly not the least, on smart summer suits.

2.Avoid a snug fit: Clothes that are a comfort fit are a safer and better option than those that are snug fit or clingy. The key is to look for pieces that are labelled ‘comfort fit’.

Acomfort fit will give you a lot more breathing room but fit properly in the important areas, like length of the body and sleeve.

3.Layering works: Try wearing a t-shirt under an open shirt. The inner layer will help absorb sweat and moisture, while the outer layer will allow air to pass through – keeping you both cool and dry.

Layering works well for a casual or weekend look or when you want to look smart, but yet want a laid back and easy look.

4.Expand your colour palette: Instead of using the monsoon humidity as an excuse to relax your dress code – see it as an opportunity to incorporate colours, fabrics and styles into your wardrobe.

White, baby blue, pastel grey, cream, yellow and tans will keep you looking and feeling cooler than black, navy blue or any other dark colour.

5.Wear Quick Drying Clothing: The faster your shirt or pants dry when soaked with sweat or water (that won’t quickly evaporate on hot, humid days), the less time you’ll spend in swampy clothes.

The lighter the fabric, the quicker it will dry. You can also look for clothing that’s specifically advertised as quick drying. Quick-dry clothing won’t eliminate humidity, but it will at least dry a bit faster than clothing with a long drying time.


Monsoon Footwear Tips:

-Always wear socks when you wear closed shoes.

-Your socks should be made of quick drying pure cotton to prevent any irritation or rashes.

-Change your socks daily and immediately after a run or sports activity.

Style Tip: Match your socks to your overall look, especially your lowers. Wear sports socks with sportswear and plain socks with casual wear. Formal socks when you dress for work, a business meeting or a party or wedding.


1.Ventilated shoes from Crocs

Crocs has revolutionised waterproof footwear that is both durable and practical. This trendy black and white pair has a smart functional design and is sure to catch the eye when you wear it for a casual occasion.

Match it with: A pair of jeans, trackpants or knee length shorts.


2.Saniteasy footwear range fromMetro Brands

These laced pair of casual shoes allow your feet to stay dry and air to pass through – a must have for those of you that have issues with sweaty and wet feet. Easy to clean and quick drying.

Match it with: Straight fit trousers, casual pants or a pair of rugged jeans.

The author is an image, style and grooming consultant and trainer.

From HT Brunch, July 5, 2020

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