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PSP welcomes Centre’s decision to direct provinces to establish PFC


Welcoming the federal government’s decision to direct the provinces to establish the provincial finance commission (PFC), Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Friday urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to ensure the implementation of the decision to transfer resources from the provinces to the district level through the PFC.

He said the PSP was the only political party that had been demanding the PFC award since the very day first. “We hope that this most important issue shall neither be stalled like other issues nor will it prove to mere lip service. In fact, we hope that the prime minister shall personally look after the formation of the PFC which is of utmost importance in the largest interest of the people.”

He added: “In Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where the prime minister’s party is in power, the decision to launch the PFC Award should be implemented immediately. Also, Sindh and Balochistan should be bound for the launch of the PFC.”

Kamal said the money received by the provinces through the National Finance Commission (NFC) Award should be conditional on the PFC Award, and the monetary resources should be transferred to the district level. “The transfer of resources from the provinces to the districts should not be at the discretion of any chief minister.”

He added: “This is what the PSP has been demanding since the day one that the NFC Award be made conditional on the PFC award. All districts should get resources from the provinces under the same formula through which the provinces get money from the federation.”



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