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Residents in Melbourne Covid-19 tower lockdown say food supplies have been inadequate

Residents in nine housing towers now in hard lockdown in Melbourne say they have been forced to establish their own support network rather than rely on the government for essential supplies or information.

“Last night by 2am some houses still didn’t have food delivered,” said Ahmed Dini, a resident of the North Melbourne towers and a social worker.

“I think there is a lot of anger towards the DHHS [Department of Health and Human Services]. At the moment there is more anger towards DHHS than the police because they promised they were going to have food delivered, that they were going to have essentials delivered.”

When food was delivered, many were missing staples like bread or milk, with large families asked to share small boxes. Seven News published a video of one tower resident sorting through the expired food he was given, stating that one item had a use-by date from 2019.

“No one is touching the food that the DHHS has given. It’s just lined up in the corridor because no one wants to take it inside,” said Dini.

“You will find boxes of food that have been left right in front of the lift because it is pork. But the vast majority of people living in the towers are Muslim, they can’t eat it.”

Trend in local and overseas-related transmission of Covid-19 in Victoria

Dini said that his social support group the Ubuntu Project had been stepping up to ensure people received supplies.

“We took a lot of it into our own hands. We created a social media platform, we are asking the public for hot food to be delivered, non-expired food to be delivered.”

Dini said his group have been able to organise volunteers to deliver the fresh groceries to those in need.

“We have basically become the centre point for people who want to volunteer … We are getting people who need anything to call the number the government has given, and if they can’t get through, call us. We will start calling people. We have people on the ground, we have details of members of Victoria police down there, we have details for the department, we have contacts for people in parliament.”

On Sunday, the Victorian chief health officer Brett Sutton conceded that not all nine towers had confirmed Covid-19 cases.

“There’s a lot of exchange of individuals between those addresses. So we have to work on the precautionary principle that transmission might have occurred across towers that we haven’t yet had a notified case from,” he said.

Dini said residents of two towers had already received letters informing them they would be in “detention” for 14 days, rather than the five days that was originally announced by the premier.

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– My contact in the Flemington tower says he was handed a four page letter by police about 6pm today from deputy chief health officer saying ‘detention’ will go til July 18. That’s 14 days, not 5. There is confusion.

July 5, 2020

“People are angry and they have every right to be angry. I think a lot of that anger is based on the decision that was made to have the lockdown effective immediately,” said Dini.

“The police went into the community within 15 minutes. Woman and children who were downstairs, once they saw [the police] they just ran into the building. They didn’t know what was happening. There were people locking their doors and say ‘don’t ever call the police’. There was so much misinformation. There was so much fear.”

Dini said for many residents, police swarming their building was a familiar and terrifying experience.

“A lot of the older members of the community, they fled countries with brutal dictators that used the police as a mechanism to oppress the people. So you can imagine when busloads of police and police cars are loaded in front of the building; that would scare anybody.

“Even if we did have to go into hard lockdown, the government should have sent social workers first, they should have sent medical workers first. But it was the police that came first and from there they were like ‘no one else in the building, we will tell you what happens from here’,” he said.

Testing has begun in several of the towers and is expected to continue throughout Monday. Between 400 and 500 tests had been conducted on Monday morning.


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