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Simple tips to make your home monsoon-friendly

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |

Published: July 7, 2020 6:20:44 pm

Steer clear of carpets and rugs during the rains since they tend to stay damp. (Photo: Hipcouch)

As the humidity in the air increases, there’s hope that the rains would be here anytime soon. After all, who doesn’t love this time of the year when you can hold a cup of chai and enjoy the water trickling down your window while you stare at the cloudy sky?

But, monsoons are more than just that. The season often plays spoilsport with your home, and you tend to notice moss and mildew on your floors and walls along with a pungent smell of dampness. And not to forget the seepage ruining your walls. But worry not, as this monsoon season we bring you some simple tips by Pankaj Poddar, founder of Hipcouch, that will keep your home protected.

Get your home repaired on time

Check all exterior surfaces like walls and roofs for cracks and get them repaired, while you still have time. This is because cracks present in the walls lead to the moisture seeping in and causing the growth of fungus and damp patches over time. As a result, anything and everything that comes in contact with the walls gets ruined. For a makeshift solution, fill the gaps with crack-fill putty.

Avoid carpets

Steer clear of carpets and rugs during the rainy season since they tend to stay damp on coming in contact with water. This ruins the carpets faster than ever. Ensure that you store them in a cool and dry place until the monsoons are over. Remember to air them out before storing.

Cover your electricity boxes with plastic at all times. (Photo: Hipcouch)

Repair faulty wires

Don’t procrastinate on repairing faulty wires because they could cost you dearly. We say this because heavy rains could cause electrical failure and short circuits. Ensure that all the wires are properly covered, and if by any chance your electricity box is near your window or a place where there is a high possibility it could get wet, cover it with plastic.

Your wooden furniture needs attention

Make sure you don’t have any wooden furniture in the verandah. Not only that, ensure that all wooden furniture is a few inches away from the walls at all times. Always use a dry cloth to clean your furniture. Poddar also says, “Make sure to termite-proof your home – damp weather and damaged wood draw them like bees to honey”.

Also, opt for moisture-absorbing elements which also keep odour at bay, such as naphthalene balls or a natural alternative like neem leaves in your wooden cupboards, cabinets and drawers.

For your wooden flooring, dry mop as much as possible and protect it by using wax sealants on a regular basis.

Dry mop your floor as much as possible and protect it by using wax sealants on a regular basis. (Photo: Hipcouch)

Here are other tips you can follow to protect your home during the season

  • Unclog all your drains since these are breeding places for insects, mosquitoes and foul odour.
  • Make sure you have shades installed over your windows in order to prevent the water from coming in.
  • Also, do not shut your windows when it is not raining for circulation. This helps in banishing the humidity and dullness.

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