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Sonam Kapoor on quarantining with husband Anand Ahuja: ‘We don’t actually see each other that much’


With neither of them travelling for work, Sonam Kapoor and her husband Anand Ahuja have been spending quality time with each other at home. However, she said that they do not actually see each other all that much during the day, as he is busy working in a different room.

In an interview with Filmfare, Sonam said, “What’s really nice is that he comes every two hours from where he is working…he is usually working in the other room so that I can have my own space…every two hours, he comes to say hi to me. We have lunch together.”

She added, “We don’t actually see each other, even though we can because he is outside and I am sitting in my bedroom. We don’t actually see each other that much during the day. He has his workspace but we get to spend that extra time together, like lunch together or breakfast together. Usually, he likes to get to work by 8am, so he is up by 5am.”

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In March, Sonam and Anand returned from London, just before the lockdown was imposed. They spent almost three months at his house in Delhi, before travelling to Mumbai last month.

Recently, Sonam was at the receiving end of trolling and abusive messages, after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Fans have been expressing their anger towards star kids over the perceived injustice and discrimination towards him as he was an outsider.

Sonam shared screenshots of some of the hateful messages she was receiving on social media and wrote, “l am who l am, these people who are faceless saying all these nasty things about me don’t realise anyone’s struggles with themselves. I am lucky to have the best support system in my family and friends. If they weren’t there right now when this unwarranted hate was coming, I would have been in a dark horrible place.” She has turned off her comments on Instagram to filter out the abuse.

Sonam also shared an appreciation post for Anand on Instagram and wrote, “An appreciation post for my husband. Thank you for being extra kind and loving today. I really needed it. Love you so much.”

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