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UK coronavirus live: treatment delays could lead to up to 35,000 excess deaths from cancer, research suggests

Up to two million routine cancer screenings may have been missed; theatres ‘some way off’ being able to perform to audiences after arts package announced

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Labour has said the government must not allow a single university to fail, in its response to new analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) which warns a number of universities could be at risk of insolvency as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

According to the IFS research, as many as 13 British universities could face financial disaster from the after-effects of the pandemic, potentially affecting one in 20 students in the UK and causing job cuts.

Universities can provide the training and skills we need to build back better as we emerge from the coronavirus crisis, but this report shows how under threat they are.

Losing any university or cutting courses would mean losing opportunities to reshape lives, particularly for people who can only study locally such as carers and those who cannot afford to move away.

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Here are the main points from Sir Keir Starmer’s LBC phone-in.

I think everybody should have unconscious bias training, I think it is important.

There is always the risk of unconscious bias and just saying: ‘Oh well it probably applies to other people not me’ is not the right thing to do.

What I was saying last week was that Black Lives Matter needs to be a moment, and I meant a defining moment, a turning point, I didn’t mean a fleeting moment.

So I was saying let’s not get bogged down in some of the organisational issues, let’s treat it for what it is – a moment, a turning point, a defining moment.

Labour left hopes of a wealth tax appear to be a little way off, going by this quote. Four years off, in fact.

Keir Starmer says he will announce Labour’s tax policy in the party’s election manifesto.

Full quote below: pic.twitter.com/7FI8KWSahs

What this needed was leadership at the top and a plan. And frankly, every school I’m spoken to has said it comes down to the space they’ve got. If they’ve got a lot of space, they can do it, if they haven’t, they can’t

The day the schools were closed, the prime minister should have set up a plan to get them back open.

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